Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our final post

As UNIV 3954 comes to a close, the actual experience and impact on the lives of the participants will never end.  This blog began when we were asked to consider the quote “Contrast is the mother of clarity.” by: Os Guinness, thank you Danny White for pointing us to this quote.  It has served as a personal challenge for putting into perspective the enormous contrast experienced.  How will this experience shape my values?  How will it clarify my personal choices and the motivation behind my choices?  How will it impact my leadership principles?  Finally, what fine tuning will I make to the question of life’s purpose?    Heavy questions, no doubt, but isn’t that one of the aims of education?

Jon taking part in a camp exercise
How does a nation with incredible natural resources exist in such abject poverty?  I cannot get that question out of my mind.  I do not have enough information to answer that question with absolute resolve but failed leadership has to have played a major role.  That is why this course has so much value to me and others across this university community who worked to make it a reality.  It gets to the heart of our personal leadership, which leads to our ability to influence others, ultimately giving us the chance to impact a culture or community in which we live.  A friend recently told me that sociologists have researched and discovered that individuals, on average, influence 10,000 people in a lifetime.  I am so encouraged by how this experience will impact our influence of others. 

Carol Kahoun (WTN) finds a friend for life
Lastly, injustice matters.  In a world where absolutes are losing their grip on societal influence this experience further solidifies for me that virtue, values and ethics matter.  A member of our group eloquently referred to the four cardinal virtues one evening.  They are: prudence, justice, courage and temperance.   They were referenced as the hinges upon which the door of life swings.  Take a few minutes and reflect upon your leadership in light of these virtues.  Sure has made me think about my past, present and future. 

I hope you have enjoyed sharing in our journey through this blog.  Thanks for coming along with us and hopefully you have been influenced by the thoughtful words that the students have expressed.  May all our lives find opportunity after opportunity to live out, experientially, this great universities motto, Ut Prosim (That I may serve).

Jon Jaudon

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